Protecting against dry hands from frequent handwashing during COVID-19

A pediatric expert explains techniques to prevent dry hands from the frequent handwashing that’s so important during COVID-19.

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Why sports physicals are important – especially after a COVID-19 diagnosis

With youth sports beginning to resume after a COVID-19-prompted off-season, a CHOC pediatrician explains why sports physicals are critical.

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Beating COVID-19 and MISC-9: Matthew’s story

When Matthew had mild case of COVID-19, he didn’t expect to end up with MIS-C and in the hospital – the one where his mom had worked for 15 years.

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COVID-19 safety sticker doodle art delights CHOC patients

At CHOC, colorful stickers indicate wearers have no COVID-19 symptoms – and they’re extra fancy lately, thanks to creative staff.

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My experience as a NICU parent during the COVID-19 pandemic

What is is like to be in the NICU during COVID-19? One mom of two recent CHOC NICU graduates shares her family’s story.

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Face coverings during COVID-19: Answers to common questions

Get answers to your frequently asked COVID-19 questions in this Q&A with CHOC infectious disease experts.

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